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Michael Shuman
Bruce Lipton Interview
Jenna Weakland
Here is the interview with Jenna Weakland.
Xavier Hawk
This interview is gonna knock your socks off! Xavier Hawk has been working tirelessly since his teenage years to help steer this world in a more honest, loving, and sustainable direction. He has founded Phireon and he has the solution for EVERYTHING; ending poverty, hunger, and inequality! Yes, you read that right! Get ready to take notes and then hang on to your boot straps, because we’re taking you for a ride, and you’ll like where this spaceship is going!! We’re talking crypto, blockchain, permaculture, art, God, Christ and a LOT of other stuff that is relevant to what is going on right now and where we are going as a species.
Veda Austin
Veda Austin This interview tied SO many things together for us on SO many levels. We barely got to say anything, and WOW we had our minds blown. Veda Austin is a water researcher, but not in the conventional way. She communicates with water and in the interaction with water she gets profound messages. Many of you may know Masaru Emoto, the japanese researcher who looked at how water can store information, but Veda has gone steps further. It seems that water is in fact intelligent and can communicate with us. Veda has developed a method of freezing water that is very simple, but leaves PROFOUND clues as to what water really is. There was so much love in this too. Enjoy!
Paola Brown
Michelle Gibson
Michelle Gibson This interview is very different. And if you haven’t touched on this subject before, you might either be triggered or have your mind blown. We’re talking to Michelle Gibson who has been diving deep into our history for many years, and what she found astonished her! It seems that what we’ve been told is not exactly true, but when we start to put the new found pieces together, a picture of a more advanced civilization emerges. Maybe it was ancient, maybe it was recent. Maybe both? But is it important to know? We think so! This is a pretty long interview, so take it slow to digest it. We have put in some of the images to show you what she is talking about, and that might open your eyes ALOT! If you want more, go watch Michelles videos on YouTube.
Melissa Tate
Melissa Tate - Choice privilege We talked to Melissa about God, Jesus, Christianity, George Floyd, BLM, faith, Racism, politics, doing what is right, Marxism, Critical Race Theory and SO much more. Melissa is such a sweet and kind soul. Despite that she has felt called to step up and speak up. We are so glad she did and that she had the time to speak to us.
Joel Salatin
In todays talk with Joel Salatin, the ”Lunatic Farmer(TM)” we discuss going back to farming the land in accordance with the principles of nature as a solution to: Carbon Meaninglessness Soil restoration Fuel costs Inflation Food Scarcity so much more Joel is such a beautiful soul, and his solutions, that he has provided for a long time, are the answers to many of todays issues. If you are one of the many that are feeling the pull towards self sufficiency, community and independence this video is a MUST WATCH
Jessica Ketner
We talk about Vibrations, suppression of humanity, channeling, intuition, our senses and their range, science, emotions and so much more. Many of us are born with a more open set of senses and then we learn to restrict ourselves to what is "normal". When we are children we can maybe see entities outside the normal spectrum. But then we are taught that "it's just imaginary", and to fit in, we shut down. Jessica was one of those that could see more than normal. It was shut down for some years, but now she is using her abilities as a synesthete to help people. One of the things she does is create songs that are specifically tailored to tuning and healing people. She does this with her "A Team", who are a couple of extra dimensional beings. We also discuss what the human experience is, how we have to have the experience of "darkness" to really understand the light that we are. Right now we are collectively experiencing a lot of darkness, so we can move into the future we all long for and can all feel is our destiny. Jessica is a sweet and gentle soul who does so much good in the World. Among other things, she has created a soul song for our daughter, which she just loves. We think you'll love Jessica too!
Henrik Kromann Jensen
This talk is about sovereignty, and Henrik is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world (if you count out the socalled elite) when it comes to that. Henrik teaches people how to navigate the system and detach from it so that they can be free. This path, when you start to comprehend how the systems are actually put together, will shake a lot up in you. First we need to comprehend that we are born free, but the systems put in place doesn’t want it that way. What can we do? Listen in on this conversation.
Freyiia Milléh
Freyiia is known as an astrologer in Denmark, but that is actually not quite what she does. We are not looking at determining someones future here, but showing potentialities and healing trauma and so much more. Freyiia has been a beacon of light for so many people in the last two years. Now she has been called to go beyond Denmarks borders, and we look forward to you getting some enlightenment from her too.
Dorte Bredgaard
Dorte Bredgaard is an EX-dentist. In her practice she saw patterns that did not fit with what she had been taught. When she got two cavities herself, despite having changed nothing in her habits, she looked beyond what she had learned and a new realisation sprung forth: How our feelings determine our health, dental as well as the rest. We are holographic beings, everything is everything. When we discover and heal our underlying patterns, we become more whole and healthy and so do our teeth. Your teeth will tell you exactly what you need to work on, if you just listen. When we start taking responsibility for ourselves, we can practically heal anything and become whole again. If you haven’t heard this before, get ready to have your mind blown. In this talk Dorte gave a quick analysis of Mjølners one tooth, and it was so spot on!
Dear Danny
Calvin Correli
Calvin Correli Today’s talk is about spiritual entrepreneurship: doing business as a way of being of service. We’re talking aobut taking responsibility for EVERYTHING, knowing what you REALLY want, being brave, integrity, changing your habits to fit the vision of yourself and so much more. Calvin thought he just wanted to “build a big company” as a software engineer, until someone posed him a question that made him face the truth, that he actually didn’t know what he wanted. He is now forever unfolding into better versions of himself because of that realization. This has among many other things led to the company Simplero, which is the most used platform for spiritual entrepreneurs in Denmark to achieve success in their business. We are really inspired by how Calvin leads business from the heart, you will be too.
Bracha Goldsmith
Bracha Goldsmith Interview This interview was very spontanious and took us places we didn’t plan, because we hadn’t planned anything. And it made us laugh out loud a lot! Bracha is a wonderful woman, astrologer, channeler, and artist. She helps thousands of people navigate these challenging times with her kind words and wisdom. We talked about frequencies, potentials, the Aquarian Age, out-of-this-world entities, and the role she played in us getting a dog! If you need a boost of hope, laughter, and authenticity then Bracha will bring just that to brighten your day.
Avalon Khaan
Avalon Khaan - Integrity, truly being yourself Avalon is all about following your heart and intuition. We have never met or heard of anyone else who takes being true to yourself so seriously! To her it’s a sacred and necessary path to walk, if you want to embrace Life with all it’s got. Doing this her life has unfolded in ways she could never imagine. She’s become a successful business lady, with no other goal than to serve people with what she’s got to offer. She listens to her body’s wisdom, acting on her intuition, and when she feels it’s time to move on to the next quest, she surrenders and lets everything go. How about that! It’s not easy in a fast moving world like this where people quickly become commoditized, so it’s a daily task of keeping balanced and honoring your own boundaries and integrity!
Amber Magnolia Hill
Amber Hill Today we are talking about ancestry, following your heart, communing and communicating with nature. We are also talking about psychedelics and healing. All from a place of love. Amber is a really loving and lovely woman who has done what her intuition told her to, and it has taken her to a small homestead with two lovely children, animals and a business making and selling plant medicines that do good for her, her family and the Earth. We can’t wait for you to connect with her and maybe that will connect something for you. There is so much inspiration and wisdom to pick up from this woman.
Alun Biggart
Don’t let fear run your life. The main thread of our conversation was to focus on love, nature and being true to yourself. Alun has brought so much good into the world and has helped Denmark immensely by listening to his intuition that told him what to do. His journey towards listening to that inspiration has been a huge boon in so many peoples lives. He’s an inspiration and a stream of kindness that doesn’t hold back. Come listen to one of the calmest, kindest and honest men you’ll meet.You will come away from this with more courage to live YOUR life and expand yourself in the face of the fears we all meet.
Alec Zeck
Alec Zeck We talked to Alec Zeck who, in his own words, “is just a 29 yo white dude” . But to us, and thousands of other people from around the world, he’s a very important. Alec Zeck has, because of trauma and healing of the same, been able to see the exact patterns going on when "the current thing" started in the beginning of 2020. Alec has been very outspoken against the gaslighting, lies and all the other stuff going on. He's only 29, but he's experienced a lot! Listen in as we talk, among many other things, about what the consequences of speaking out are in a world of trauma that doesn't want to know.